Ceiling lamp, new modern bed room Ceing Lamps-L3508-5

Ceiling lamp, new modern bed room Ceing Lamps-L3508-5

With a critical eye, 

the shallow and distant of thecommon world, and an end to every mediocre praise;

Crystal reflects the whiteand the beautiful, 

because of noble and extranscendent, the first pitch,romantic, elegant, temperament, talent, inadvertently.

Goods Features

1. Easy to install, It doesn't cost alot of labor Timer settings

2. Led sources, The relative brightnessis brighter than the general chips Blue LED light

3. Generally available 60,000 hours. 

4. Light weight, small CBM,The whole foam packaging, suitable for transportation, no breakage.

Place of OriginGuangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand NameYidinh
Model NumberL3508-5
Cover Materiacrystal + aluminum
Light SourceLED SMD
Product namemodern ceiling lights
Voltage110V-260V 50-60HZ

About LED Driver and Transformer details:

        --------Since 2006,Focus on doing Low-pressure crystal lights.

Yi Dian hong light Factory use drivers have certificated by CCC, CE, SAA  ROHS  TUV.

The drive is a rigorous system test and aging test, with a rate of only 0.1%.

Our can customize the drive according to the customer's characteristics.

The drivers are loaded with overload protection kinetic energy.

Our driver has the function of low noise synchronization and no error code

 About Yidianhong Lighting Factory the crystal details:

Our Crystal Lead content up to 25%

Our Factory use the top K9 100% crystal ,Sparkle enough, Luxurious

Our have precise cut,Crystal no impurity, no scratch

Our Crystal no change the color and refraction

The Crystal are 100% inspected

Yi Dian Hong Crystal are well packed in an individual safety packing


Recommendedfor places such as home and shops, livig room, dining hall, exhibitionhall, hotel, reserant or any other private /public circumstance.